Water fluoridation essay example

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Water fluoridation essay example

The Benefits Of Water Fluoridation On Oral Health The Benefits Of Water Fluoridation On Oral Health Dental caries is most prevalent oral disease associated with a range of adverse outcomes including sever pain, and decreased ability to eat some foods, such as hard and sweet food Pahel, Rozier and Slade,also individual treatment for dental caries is effective, such treatment can be late because of expensive or other couses until people are experiencing significant levels of pain and functional weakness.

McKay cited in Cho, et al. Therefore, water Water fluoridation essay example should be used in all countries to help prevent dental decay, 'a practice that involves the deliberate addition of fluoride to the public water supply' Armfieldp. For instance, the United State has added fluoride to drink water.

Much of the United King, Australia and Canada have used water fluoridation to inhibit dental caries decaybut some countries have refused this application because they argue that water fluoridation has little effect on dental decay and harmful.

This essay will discuss preventive effect of water fluoridation on tooth, the form of tooth and economic benefits of water fluoridation. Also, the argument about side effect of water fluoridation and replacing by topical application such as toothpaste and fluoride mouth wash. The water fluoridation can be efficient way to reduce dental caries.

Mount points out that Fluoride enhances dental health by being incorporated into the crystalline framework of the tooth to form fluorapatite, which is more stable than hydroxyapatite, and that way inhibits the process of demineralization of the teeth. It also improves remineralization of the teeth surface, inhibits bacterial metabolism, and inhibits dental plaque formation, which is 'a biofilm that provides a microhabitat for organisms with opportunity for adherence either to the tooth surface or to other microorganisms' Munro and Grap cited in Jones,p.

In addition, According to study by Armfiel who contrasted two area first one it has high concentration of fluoride in drink water with other people who have negligible fluoride.

He observed that people who lived in zone with small fluoride concentrations less than 0. However, money people argue that topical fluoride can replace water fluoridation such as mouth wash toothpaste and it can be safer for consumers and ignore harmful effect.

According to Groves who found several of less than 1 fewer teeth decayed in children in Newburgh infavoring fluoridation.

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And by children teeth in Kingston had slightly less dental caries and half as much harm from fluoride. This negative result was May due to a change in the fluoridation agent. Also, Chile was fluoridating water inbut limited it when the average of 6.

Furthermore, in a report authored by Perry D.

Water fluoridation essay example

Both by counties or by municipalities, men 50 years old and less had 3 to 7 times as many bone cancers in the fluoridated zone. Men between 10 to 19 years old fared the worst Despite, topical fluoride has positive effect on tooth but it still effect only on outside of teeth compared with water fluoride which work as topical and systemically.

According the study was made by Health and Welfare cited in Cho, et al. This cross-sectional study assessed the effects of cessation of water fluoridation.

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The study was unique in that year-old children in the water fluoridation area had ingested fluoridated water for approximately 4 years after birth, after which fluoridated water was no longer available.

As a result, the systemic effect of the water fluoridation could be. The percentage of 8 years old who had decayed, missing, or filled permanent teeth was Although decay, missing or filling primary teeth dft for 6-year-olds in the water fluoridation was higher than in the non-WF area, it was not a statistically significant difference.

DMFT for 8-year-olds in the WF-ceased area was not significantly lower than in the non-water fluoridation area, either. However, there were significant differences between areas in the mean number of decayed, missing, or filled permanent teeth surfaces DMFSDMFT, and mean number of filled permanent teeth FT for year-olds.

This mean than orally ingested fluoride can act topically on teeth by increasing the concentration of fluoride in saliva and plasma similar to mouth wash or toothpaste, but Pre-eruptive teeth that are covered by gingiva or bone and not exposed to the oral environment are not influenced by the topical action of ingested fluoride.

In this study, years old children in the water fluoridation area had ingested fluoridated water from birth to about 4 years old, at which point water fluoridation ceased. As their permanent teeth had been in pre-eruptive state during this time, their teeth were not exposed to a fluoridated oral environment.Jun 17,  · Order Custom Essay on Water Fluoridation?

Water for life essay fluoridation argumentative

I Don’t think So. Since the fluoridation of U.S. water supplies non-selectively exposes the American public to fluoride, we must also take precautions to closely monitor its effects on public health.

The Conspiracy of Water Fluoridation Essay examples Words 12 Pages Few object to the therapeutic use of fluoride to stop tooth decay, but fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply, can spark avid controversy.

Water fluoridation essay example

Fluoride in Your Drinking Water May Be Killing You Essay - Fluoridating water is a widely accepted practice, and as of , the Center for Disease Control claims that roughly seventy-five percent of American’s are served fluoridated water. The Conspiracy of Water Fluoridation Essay examples Words 12 Pages Few object to the therapeutic use of fluoride to stop tooth decay, but fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply, can spark avid controversy.

More Essay Examples on Water Rubric. Fluoride in Drinking Water. According to the Leonard, Fluorine a halogen is pale, yellow gas with atomic no. 9, atomic weight and 13th most abundant element found on the earth.

Buy Cheap Community Water Fluoridation Essay Fluoride is a chemical element that occurs naturally and is found in rocks, plants, and almost in all fresh waters though at negligible levels. When fluoride percentages in water are at acceptable levels, tooth decay is reduced, hence this improves oral health.

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