Top 10 books on business plans

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Top 10 books on business plans

Because of this, it is top 10 books on business plans to be well informed about China prior to visiting. Whether you are visiting China to explore its 5,year history, do business, or just to see the tourist sights, reading some books about China by people who have first-hand experience is a wise decision.

As a traveler you should pick up one or more of the excellent China guides by Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Fodors, Frommers, DK Eyewitness Travel, and Gorilla for business travelerswhich cover the tourist routes concisely and practically.

Our China Guide pages cover in-depth information on everything from sights to cities, culture to tips. But below are 10 books that will really broaden your horizons about the Middle Kingdom. This non-fiction book analyzes the the rise of communism in China, its gradual transition to capitalism, and China's hopeful future.

Kristof and WuDunn also make incredible efforts to eliminate the bias and misconceptions that many Westerners have about China.

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Along with political commentary and historical overviews, China Wakes describes the culture and lives of Chinese individuals and families.

China Wakes is the comprehensive resource for learning about many aspects of China through several different perspectives. While China Wakes is a very informative text, it is written in a way that is gripping and entertaining; it's a true page-turner.

This is a must-read for academics and those interested in global affairs. Understanding China by John Bryan Starr Map of China Understanding China is the perfect book for the traveler in search of information about all the numerous facets of modern China.

Pye of The New York Times states Understanding China as "An excellent introduction to China for anyone in search of solid but concise information about that complicated country. The book's author, John Bryan Starr, takes a unique approach to China by explaining how historical ideas such as Confucianism and Mandate of Heaven have affected and continue to affect modern Chinese society and culture.

Understanding China covers a huge variety of topics in its pages. This includes geography, historical patterns, the single-party system, politics, economy, regionalism, differences in rural and city cultures, ethic identities, environmental challenges, education, the legal system, special administrative regions, globalization, and Chinese relations with Taiwan.

With so much comprehensive information, this text is an excellent resource for travelers that would like to know as much as possible before travelling to China. Study-abroad students can especially benefit from the information thatUnderstanding China offers. This text not only offers a historical overview of China, but it also goes on to explain in extreme detail the finer aspects of Confucianism, Buddhism, and China's many dynasties.

A History of China breaks down China chronologically by its dynasties and then goes on to explain what happened to China during that time period. Famine, cultural revolutions, golden ages, medical advancements, new technologies, important philosophers, and all of the other pertinent information is included in each dynasty's thorough analysis.

A History of China is arguably one of the greatest resources for learning about China's entire 5, year history. Understanding China's philosophies and dynasties is relative to understanding its modern culture and society, so this text is excellent for travelers who would like to truly appreciate the country and its people during a visit to China.

With pages and small text, A History of China is a long read. Set aside the time to read the book in its entirety or use the index to only learn about topics that may be important during a specific visit to China. A Thousand Years of Good Prayers by Yiyun Li Beijing's House of Prayer Written by a former Chinese resident of Beijing, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers is a novel composed of 10 stories that serves to examine a China undergoing turbulent change due to globalization, capitalism, and the cultural expressions of the nation's youth.

This novel offers an interesting view of China in terms of younger people living in its cities. Each story within A Thousand Years of Good Prayers has a unique theme that sums up a certain area of China's political and cultural atmosphere.

As fiction, some instances may be exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but A Thousand Years of Good Prayers is a good book to read for those interested in seeing how Chinese culture has changed since the s.

Unbound by John Shors This historical fiction novel powerfully retells the legendary love story of Meng and her husbandwho is forced to work on the Great Wall.

And a well-developed story like this can facilitate that like nothing else. Journey into China's past before you journey here in person. Book signing and talk at the Beijing Bookworm on March 14, The Chan's Great Continent: The Chan's Great Continent addresses these common misconceptions and explains what China is truly like.

This non-fiction book examines China from numerous angles and the result is an entertaining read. People Place Culture History by Peter Neville Ancient Chinese art The book commemorates the art, culture, history, and landscape of China with a combination of spectacular photographs and informative text.

Page after page provides readers with a quick look at the picturesque terrain of various regions that varies from deserts, fields and forests to mountain tops. Explore the country's history through easy to read articles, artifacts and a detailed timeline.

Enjoy the stories told by citizens about their daily lives.

top 10 books on business plans

The drawings, paintings and poetry offer a sampling of the beautiful cultural art created through the centuries.A to Z Teacher Stuff is a teacher-created site that provides free lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, downloadable teaching materials & eBooks, printable worksheets and blacklines, emergent reader books, themes, and more.

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