Thesis augmented reality

Augmented reality architecture thesis proposal Anthony Webster. Blair MacIntyreWilliam Massie. Theodore Krueger We present our preliminary are employed in developing augmented reality systems to improve method of the development, inspection, and renovation of architectural structures. Augmented reality systems add virtual computer-generated material for that surrounding physical world.

Thesis augmented reality

I Thesis augmented reality my PhD in and submitted my draft thesis for examination in Junewhich was passed and the final version was submitted in February I invite you to read a copy of my thesis, which is available from this web page. I look forward to reading any comments you may have on my work, and hope you enjoy reading it.

Abstract This dissertation presents interaction techniques for 3D modelling of large structures in outdoor augmented reality environments. With the use of a mobile computer, augmented reality can also be experienced in an outdoor environment. Working in a mobile outdoor environment introduces new challenges not previously encountered indoors, requiring the development of new user interfaces to interact with the computer.

Current AR systems only support limited interactions and so the complexity of applications that can be developed is also limited. This dissertation describes a number of novel contributions that improve the state of the art in augmented reality technology.

Firstly, the augmented reality working planes technique gives the user the ability to create and edit objects at large distances using line of sight and projection techniques. A number of techniques that leverage AR working planes are developed, collectively termed construction at a distance: These techniques can be used to create and capture the geometry of outdoor shapes using a mobile AR system with real-time verification and iterative refinement.

To provide an interface for these techniques, a novel AR user interface with cursors and menus was developed.

Thesis augmented reality

This user interface is based around a pair of pinch gloves for command input, and the use of a custom developed vision tracking system for use in a mobile environment.

To develop applications implementing these contributions, a new software architecture was designed to provide a suitable abstraction to make development easier.

This architecture is based on an object-oriented data flow approach, uses a special file system notation object repository, and supports distributed objects. The software requires a platform to execute on, and so a custom wearable hardware platform was developed.

The hardware is based around a backpack that contains all the equipment required, and uses a novel flexible design that supports simple reconfiguration. Based on these contributions, a number of modelling applications were developed to demonstrate the usefulness of these techniques.

These modelling applications allow users to walk around freely outside, and use proprioception and interactions with the hands to control the task. These applications have been demonstrated in the field to verify that the techniques can perform as claimed in the dissertation.

I have also produced separate chapters so that you can download only the parts you need if bandwidth is limited.

You may share the complete thesis document with others, but please do not distribute the separate chapter files because they do not contain title information.Augmented Reality (AR) is a growing area in virtual reality research.

The world environment around us provides a wealth of information that is difficult to duplicate in a computer. This is evidenced by the worlds used in virtual environments. Augmented Reality (AR) is the synthesis of real and virtual imagery. In contrast to In contrast to Virtual Reality (VR) in which the user is immersed in an entirely artificial world.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information on a live view of the physical world to create a blended experience. AR can provide unique experiences and.

That thing is Augmented Reality. With Apple’s ARKit and from what I’m hearing a Google ARKit competitor for Android coming soon, these new tools will usher in . Visual Tracking for Augmented Reality Georg Klein King’s College A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy January This thesis explores the application of vision-based augmented reality in formal and in- formal educational environments.

It focuses on the common practices, concerns, and.

Master Thesis Augmented Reality