The physical description and settlement of bengal tigers an endangered species

Close-up of a tiger at San Antonio Zoo and AquariumTexas Pocock first described the Sumatran tiger on the basis of several skullpelage, and striping featureswhich are distinct from the Bengal and Javan tigers. It is darker in fur colour and has broader stripes than the Javan tiger.

The physical description and settlement of bengal tigers an endangered species

Sivasagar, Sonitpur, Tinsukia and Udalguri. Topography Assam consists almost exclusively of the valleys of the rivers Brahmaputra with a length of almost 1, km and a width between 80 and km and Barak, as well as of the mountain regions of Karbi Anglong and Cachar with an average altitude of to m above sea level.

Vegetation Tropical wetlands along the Brahmaputra, which partially floods a huge, many kilometers wide alluvial plain.

In mountain areas agricultural use is common, otherwise change of vegetation up to the subalpine zone Wildlife The Kaziranga National Park in particular is a refuge for many rare animal species, for example for the Indian rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis, Asian elephant Elephas maximus, for the water buffalo Bubalus arnee, various species of deer and also the Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris and the Indian leopard Panthera pardus fusca.

Moreover live here countless species of monkeys, reptiles, birds and insects. Climate Tropical to subtropical, depending on the altitude. The year can be divided into three seasons: Partly strong northwest winds in February and March. Lowest temperatures in December and January.

The physical description and settlement of bengal tigers an endangered species

English as a foreign language is quite widespread. In addition, oil and gas are produced and refined. Mining of limestone and granite, cement production. Getting there Flight to Kolkata or Delhi in India.

From Delhi flight to Guwahati. Vaccinations Vaccinations against hepatitis A, polio, tetanus, combined with diphtheria are strongly advised if the last vaccination dates back more than 10 years. Detailed vaccination recommendations can be obtained from us upon registration.

Peoples and Religions Among the first humans who settled in Assam, were probably members of the Tibetan Bodo peoples, which reached the banks of the Brahmaputra across the Himalayas.

Later, various tribal peoples from southern China and Southeast Asia settled down as the Naga, Mizo, Kachari, Khasi and some others in the mountainous regions south and east of the river. Only a relatively short time ago also Hindus immigrated, which are the now dominant people of the Assamese.

Many of today's Hindu pilgrim places were, as shown by legends and archaeological evidence, built on early Buddhist power centres of indigenous peoples.

One such example is the Kamakhya Hindu temple in Guwahati, under which a much older Buddhist temple has been found. Since the period of the British colonial power, the rights of the autarkic tribal peoples have been protected, even today is Assam a multiethnic state with about 16 indigenous tribes.

The predominantly illegal immigration of refugees from Bangladesh is a growing problem and creates, in addition to the increase in the already strong population growth, again and again for racist attacks.

The religious affiliation of the population of Assam depends quite precisely on the affiliation to the ethnic groups. On the river island of Majuli is the seat of the Vaishnava school, which was founded in the 15th century by the great reformer and saint Shankardeva.Physical description—The bat-eared fox is named for its large ears.

They have fur, with black Bengal tigers can be found in the color red area in india. Bengal tigers: An Endangered Species The Asian Elephant can be found in. The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is one of the six remaining tiger subspecies in the world, and is listed as being endangered.

3 The Bengal tiger is a charismatic species that have garnered worldwide attention for several decades. The program includes conserving Sumatran tigers and other endangered species in the wild, efforts to reduce conflicts between tigers and humans, and rehabilitating Sumatran tigers and reintroducing them to their natural habitat.

In , Tibetan police seized 1, animal skins, including the pelts of 31 Bengal tigers, in one operation. Dawa Tsering, WWF field manager in Tibet, says: "This new-found trend has less to do. an endangered species The giant otter is the South American cousin to the sea and river otters of North America, as well as those of Europe and Africa.

The physical description and settlement of bengal tigers an endangered species

The giant otter can grow to more than 6 feet (2 meters) long and 70 pounds (32 kg), nearly twice as large as its American counterparts. Jun 13,  · The species was included in Appendix I of the Convention on the International Trade on Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) and in Appendix II of the Convention on Migratory Species.

The government of India declared the Ganges dolphin the National Aquatic Animal of India on October 5, , and formal notification was issued on May

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