The life of anne frank during the holocaust period

After the Nazis appropriated power inthe Frank family moved to Amsterdam and led a quiet life until the German invasion of the Netherlands in

The life of anne frank during the holocaust period

Nothing can substitute for reading the book, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Not only does it intimately acquaint adolescents with the Holocaust but it also facilitates their own character development. Each of these films, two documentaries and two dramatizations, are excellent.

A fifth film, Anne B. Realwill be extremely useful in motivating children to read the book. Real" is a fictional account of a modern-day black Hispanic girl from the slums of New York who takes inspiration from the Diary.

It helps her to face a host of calamities and find the courage to pursue her dream. Real" is valuable when seen at any time, before, during, or after children have read the Diary.

This is the classic Academy award-winning movie version of the play based on the diary. It won an Emmy in for Best Miniseries. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary, this film contains actual footage briefly showing Anne Frank from the balcony of her apartment, the meeting between the son of Dr.

The life of anne frank during the holocaust period

Pfeffer the dentist who shared a room with Anne and Miep Gies, and much more. At 50 minutes, it can be conveniently shown in one class session.The world learned about a German Jewish girl named Anne Frank through her own candid words preserved in a personal diary that miraculously survived the Holocaust.

Anne Frank was not the only one who kept a diary during the Holocaust. Many other young Jewish people also wrote about their lives and their feelings in those difficult times.

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Read here about the differences and similarities with Anne's diary. - The Franks during the First World War. Otto Frank and his brothers are called up to fight on the Western Front for the German army. Their mother and sister volunteer to . Return to Table of Contents. Vocabulary for Holocaust Literature Circles: Allies – The nations fighting Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan during World War II; primarily the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union..


Aryan Race – “Aryan” was originally applied to people who spoke any Indo-European language. The Nazis, however, primarily . Anne Frank?s diary changed how the world saw the Holocaust? this book will change how you see Anne Frank.

Beginning with Otto Frank?s idyllic childhood, follow the family?s journey from its proud German roots through life under Nazi occupation to their horrifying concentration camp experiences. The World Of Anne Frank Subjects Social Sciences Language Arts Grades Brief Description Students use the provided online resources to learn about the life of Anne Frank and the diary in which she chronicled her family's years in hiding before being sent to Nazi concentration camps.

The life of anne frank during the holocaust period
Part I - Holocaust Introductory Background Information