Religious diversity in america essay

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Religious diversity in america essay

An Essay on Religious Diversity: While I know some may not be familiar with the philosophical theories concerning religious diversity, I wanted to share my thoughts on it via my essay I turned in for the class.

Religious Diversity When considering the question of religious diversity, there is a current underlying theme of dissension and contradiction. First, exclusivists define themselves and their religion as the one and true path to salvation.

They hold a belief that there is only one correct path to liberation and found in only one religion, usually that of their own. Pluralists maintain that all religions carry a certain legitimate claim to authenticity and there are many ways to salvation and liberation. Is there a one and true answer for religious diversity?

Because at the very root of this problem is the underlying theme of non-tolerance for diversity? While one person may attribute their beliefs to that of a pluralist or inclusivist, at the very heart of their soul remains an exclusivist.

This can certainly be seen within one of the readings which were discussed in class. This contradiction can be seen in the following statement of the Rabbi: No other work is as worthy of being considered a manifestation of His will. This is indeed possible.

There are numerous cultures which have in their history a version of some paramount deluge which destroyed the world. In these cultures, the perception and myth may vary, but underneath these stories all deal with one thing, a flood. Perhaps this is how one could view the existing problem of religious diversity.

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Diversity exists because the ultimate divine is our own personal perception, and thus, we will create our own personal God to whom we worship. People may come together to worship a similar deity, because in their perception, these other individuals are like minded.

Being able to study world religions in a class setting is a way in which one could gain the knowledge and understanding of others in this world and their perception of the divine. This particular class has been helpful to me as I delve deeper into the history of the people and cultures which shaped the religious practices of ancient and modern peoples.

Religious diversity in america essay

Without education, though, regarding the diverse religions, we grow no more mentally to a higher conscience or tolerant of things which we do not comprehend. Continuum,Cultural Diversity in America Essay Words Jul 19th, 5 Pages America is greatly influenced and enhanced by the many versatile cultures which inhabit it.

A portion of chapter three talks about religious diversity wherein despite the domineering European immigrants taking part in Protestant belief during the time of colonization some were still generally not expressive about their faith or religion. Religious diversity in america essay.

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Diversity includes physical appearance, religious belief, and race but your opinions and thoughts and the impact they make on society are also part of diversity. Nov 21,  · Religious diversity in america essay essay of friendship summary writing holiday essay words do you believe in aliens essay writer upanishads summary essay on america pietrain swine descriptive essay response to intervention research papers giving back to others essay about myself 12 angry men play quotes in essay schwartz.

Cultural Diversity in America Essay Words Jul 19th, 5 Pages America is greatly influenced and enhanced by the many versatile cultures which inhabit it.

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