Psya3 sleep revision document

But how stressed out are we really? An adrenal saliva test can tell you whether your cortisol the stress hormone is too high or too low, whether your circadian rhythm the sleep-wake cycle is normal, and also pin point the cause of your symptoms:

Psya3 sleep revision document

Outline one explanation for narcolepsy. Outline and evaluate one or more evolutionary explanations for the functions of sleep. Discuss research into the breakdown of romantic relationships.

Psya3 sleep revision document

Describe research into social influences on gender. Assess the importance of social influences on gender. Discuss the role of endogenous pacemakers in the control of one or more biological rhythms.

Describe and evaluate two or more theories of the formation of romantic relationships. Discuss Kohlbergs theory of gender development. Outline lifespan changes in sleep.

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Outline and evaluate one explanation for the functions of sleep. Discuss research into the nature of relationships in different cultures. Outline the biosocial approach to gender development. Outline social factors that may influence gender roles.

Use research evidence to assess the influence of such factors on gender roles. Outline one example of a circadian rhythm. Outline one or more explanations for sleep disorders eg insomnia, sleep walking, narcolepsy. Evaluate one or more explanations for sleep disorders.

To put it at its most basic, women want resources and men want to spread their genes. Discuss the evolutionary approach to discussing parental investment in humans eg sex differences, parent-offspring conflict.

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These notes correspond with the A2 Psychology AQA course. They are part of unit 3 along with eating behaviour and sleep. These notes are the aggression part of unit 3. They are clearly set out with the syllabus laid out at the top.

The notes than follow each part of the syllabus in order. Psya3 Sleep Revision Document. Revision Notes: Sleep Specification * Nature of sleep, including sleep stages and lifespan changes and lifespan changes in sleep. * Functions of sleep, including evolutionary explanations and restoration theory.

Nature of sleep * Sleep is a different state of consciousness where responsiveness to the external.

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