Modern history essay structure hsc

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Modern history essay structure hsc

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Ability to structure an argument Ability to use evidence Usage of written English Ability to provide an insight into your perspective of the text It is imperative that you keep these aims in mind at all times when you are writing your essay.

Matrix students are taught how to address these criteria in their responses. You must ensure that you demonstrate a skilful ability to answer each of the seven criteria above.

Modern history essay structure hsc

This is especially true in the HSC, where the questions are becoming more focused and thematically specific to weed out students who engage in this practice. Instead, you want to study your texts in a holistic manner that allows you to respond to a wide range of questions.

Plan out your study timetable long before you receive your notification so that you have already begun studying for your task. Do not wait until two weeks before your exam to begin studying! Take turns quizzing each other on content. Ask your teacher for practice questions. Matrix Theory Books contain a variety of Module specific practice questions.

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Ask your teacher, your parents, and those in your study group. Feedback is a great way to get a second opinion on your work and argument. The more you write and refine your essay writing and structure, the better you will be as an essayist.

This is what to do to prepare, but what do you do during the exam? How to plan an essay in an exam Gameday has arrived. You sit in the classroom and wait for your teacher to say: Here is a step-by-step guide: Read the question s at least 3 times. You want to be certain about what it is asking you.

Unpack the question and think about what your response to it is. Mentally map out the most relevant themes and best structure. Consider what examples are best suited to supporting your argument. Take the time to plot these things out when they say you can start writing. It is worth the extra few minutes to have a plan on paper to guide your response.

Take advantage of this and do a thorough mind-map.

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Plot out your themes, structure, and examples.This page contains course descriptions for GE courses for the current GE plan. Updated June Area A: Basic Skills. Composition.

Modern history essay structure hsc

ENG Freshman Composition I (3). It can be difficult to know how to choose your HSC subjects: what to prioritise, what to ignore. Here's some great advice from a current Year 12 student!

The ALARM matrix is made up of a series of categories that help you investigate a text at a deep enough level for an adequate response. We've simplified the full official ALARM matrix (which is also pretty good) into just seven words; Define, Describe, Explain, Analyse, Conceptualise, Appreciate and is the short version of what each one  · Hsc Modern History Essay Questions.

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is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages! · EXAMINATION Modern History General Instructions • Reading time – 5 minutes • Working time – 3 hours • Write using black or blue pen Black pen is preferred • A source booklet is provided at the back of this paper • Write your Centre Number and Student Number at the top

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