Literature review unemployment of inflation rate in malaysia

Abstract-The study attempts to investigate the relationship between unemployment, GDP growth rate inflation rate and exchange rate in India. The study cover the period from to To analyse the data of four variables Unemployment, GDP growth rate, Exchange rate and inflation Rate the study used the ordinary least square method or simple linear regression model.

Literature review unemployment of inflation rate in malaysia

The median age data from the world.


The median age of the migrant and non-migrant population throughout the developing world does remain in a late adolescent phase with ages ranging from the 15th birthday until the 24th birthday world. This study expects to find that youth population attitudes toward unemployment will be similar in the migrant and non-migrant populations.

I seek to examine this assertion by carrying out a qualitative investigation on the relatedness of unemployment among the youth and their attitudes based on a population analysis of the youth among the indigenous non-migrant locals and migrant immigrants in Nigeria. The migrant and non-migrant youth population is primarily located in Latin America and on the African continent to which Nigeria has a median population age of Global unemployment rates among the youth population are on the rise indexmundi,1.

The same case is observable in Nigeria where the number of unemployed youths accounts for more than half of the total number of unemployed people in the country Youth Speak Community,1.

It has been suggested that attitudes of the youth may be the main reason behind the high levels of unemployment among the youth. Introduction The global rate of unemployment indicates high levels of unemployment among the youth.

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In fact, the rate of growth of unemployment among the youth population is higher that the case of adults Alanana, The reported incidence of youth unemployment is even higher in developed economies as compared to emerging and developing economies.

However, in the recent years the cases have been so sporadic in developing countries especially in Africa Alanana, This is because according to Alananathe numbers of the youth population is increasing at an alarming rate as compared to the rates at which job opportunities are being created.

The case of unemployment among the youth in Africa is alarming and is currently a threat to social-economic stability and peace. Nigeria is also a major immigrant destination in West Africa with over one million immigrant population. The youths accounts for a majority of the immigrant population.

This represents about 0. The case of unemployment among the youth cuts across both the locals as well as the immigrants Alanana, This paper purposes to analyse the case of unemployment among the migrant and non-migrant youth population in the country and how the attitudes affects the rates by analysing unemployment among the local youths and the immigrant youths in Nigeria.

Several reasons may be behind the abnormal differences in the unemployment rates between the youth and the adult population.

Literature review unemployment of inflation rate in malaysia

Several studies have associated the differences in the unemployment rates between the migrant and non-migrant youth populations and other adults to the attitudes posed by the youths regarding job specifications.

Other studies referenced in AlananaYouth unemployment in Nigeria: This dissertation will examine the extent of truth in this statement by generally observing the link between unemployment among the youths and their attitudes and also examine the attitudes of immigrant and local youths towards employment opportunities in the country.

Research objectives This research study will be guided by the following objectives: To analyse the link between unemployment among the youth and their attitudes To analyse the difference in unemployment rates between local youths and immigrant youths To examine how attitudes affects the differences in unemployment rates of the local youths and immigrant youths.

Organization of the study This study will be divided into five chapters. The introduction will provide the background and need to study how attitudes influence unemployment in the country. This will also include a description of the research hypothesis, objectives, questions, limitations, assumptions, significance, and the approach adopted in the investigation.

The second chapter will provide a detailed analysis of literature review of previous investigations relevant to the research problem. The third chapter will provide the research methodology that will be used in addressing the hypothesis and the research questions. Chapter four will represent all the data that will be collected and analysed in this planned study.

Finally, the fifth chapter will delineate on the conclusions that will be drawn in the study as well as the recommendations.Empirical Literature Review on Inflation and Stock Returns.

in their study on ten pacific-rim countries and the US that all the countries except Malaysia reveal negative relationship between inflation and stock returns.

There is a direct one-to-one relationship between the current rate of nominal return and inflation for Argentina. attempt to determine the macroeconomics variables as the determinants factors that may influence the unemployment in Malaysia ReseArCh QuEstioN ReseArCh oBjEcTivE To identify that wages can influence the unemployment rate in Malaysia.

To identify that inflation rate can influence the unemployment rate in Malaysia. In standard economic thinking, an unemployment rate above the natural rate indicates slack in the labor market and tends to be associated with downward pressure on inflation; unemployment below the natural rate represents a tight labor market and is associated with upward inflation pressure.

THE DETERMINANTS OF INFLATION IN MALAYSIA unemployment rate, exchange rate, oil prices (Tan, ) and income (Akhter, ). reviews the literature on inflation .


This study is designed to investigate the relationship between crime and various economic indicators such as unemployment, poverty and inflation in Pakistan. Inflation became a one of the serious matters over a period of time. It can be said that, throughout the past few years, Malaysia’s inflation is caused by many factors.