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The earliest reference that I can locate is an article titled, Blended Learning: Because elearning did not turn out to be the silver bullet that many of its proponents were harkening it to be, they needed another silver bullet to add to it, thus the concept of blended learning. In its early stages, blended learning meant the mix of classroom brick and e-learning clickbut it has now moved on to mean a mix of various learning methods and media. However, blended learning is probably the closest thing we have to a silver bullet.

Hrd research

Kavita Sharma Department of Commerce offers two professional courses along with its flagship course Master of Commerce. Department is also renowned for its research programmes M. With over PG and research students, Department of Commerce is one of the most vibrant departments of the University of Delhi and is one of the premier centres of learning in the field of commerce in the country.

The two courses offer knowledge in the related areas of study and cater to changing demands of the business. Under the able guidance of the competent faculty the students learn to be good managers who can face the challenges of globalised world.

Carrying the rich legacy of one of the oldest department in India, I feel proud in mentioning that we have a strong alumni base across various sectors including education, corporate, and government.

It is a matter of great pride and privilege for me to be the head of this premier institute which stands on the fertile soil which produced great intellectuals and leaders.

Hrd research

If you choose to come here, you will discover one of the most stimulating, intellectual and cultural environment in the DSE complex which is coupled with the beauty of the University Campus, making this an ideal institution for learning.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to the Department of Commerce at Delhi School of Economics and look forward to long and durable association with the prospective recruiters for our students of two professional MBA courses and M. Do also visit our website www.

My best wishes to all of you.HRD Antwerp Research is an institution staffed by highly experienced scientists and engineers, specialising in fundamental and applied research for the diamond sector.

HRD Antwerp Research supports the diamond sector and enhances consumer confidence by offering scientific advice. Snow Leopards: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes is the only comprehensive work on the biology, behavior, and conservation status of the snow leopard, a species that has long been one of the least studied, and hence poorly understood, of the large cats..

Breakthroughs in technologies and methodologies to study this elusive cat have come rapidly, . Founded in , the Academy of Human Resource Development is a global organization made up of, governed by, and created for the Human Resource Development (HRD) scholarly community of academics and reflective practitioners.

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We are embassy certificate. Human Resource Development Review (HRDR) is an international journal focusing on theory development for scholars and practitioners in human resource development and related disciplines.

Hrd research

HRDR publishes high-quality conceptual work using non-empirical research methods. The substantially updated and revised Fifth Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research by editors Norman K.

Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln presents the state-of-the-art theory and practice of qualitative attheheels.comenting top scholars from around the world, the editors and contributors continue the tradition of synthesizing existing literature, defining the present, and shaping the.

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