Gun control and the conflict theory

The feminist case for gun rights Published February 22, By Owen Schaefer There has, in recent weeks, been a relatively vigorous debate over gun control in the US. There are a number of issues here, but perhaps the most general and ethically interesting is whether, in modern societies, the state should significantly restrict the ability of citizens to purchase and carry firearms. I imagine those in the UK will be similarly disposed, but in this debate it is important to look for the strongest possible cases on both sides.

Gun control and the conflict theory

OccupyTheory on 18 December, at With mass shootings in the news on a frequent basis, this leads to supporters and detractors on each side. Pros of Gun Control 1.

Legal Purchase of Arms There have been over 70 mass shootings in the United States over the past three decades. Three out of every four shooters used a gun that they legally purchased.

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Those who believe in gun control feel that a more strict gun law would keep these weapons from being so easy to come by, thus preventing these shootings from happening. Increased Protection Increased protection of children and families is a paramount concern. Recent studies have shown that children are experiencing gun violence at a rapidly increasing, with at least eight children dying every day from a gunshot wound, on average.

Gun control and the conflict theory

With more stringent gun control, children are able to be protected from gun related deaths. Background Checks Background checks have been woefully lax, leading to instances where mentally disturbed were able to obtain weapons that they should not have been able to.


As of now, certain criminals, mentally unstable people and domestic abusers are still able to obtain guns, even after a background check has been conducted. By requiring stronger background checks, this could keep guns away from millions who should not be trusted with them.

Cons of Gun Control 1. Failure to Increase Regulation The NRA advocates for guns, on the grounds that a person must be able to defend themselves from predators and burglars.

Gun control and the conflict theory

Thus far, all attempts to rewrite the current regulations have failed to make it through the United States Supreme Court. Increase Violent Crimes Statistics show that violent crime tends to decline in a society where citizens are able to legally own and carry guns.

Outline for Gun Control Essay

The national murder and crime rates have been on a steady decline ever since. Meanwhile, over million Americans have exercised their right to legally own and carry a firearm. Lack of Support Banning guns has not proven to be an effective crime deterrent. The ban did not lead to a decrease in crime and research shows that assault weapons are used in a very small percentage of overall crime.The conflict perspective, or conflict theory, derives from the ideas of Karl Marx, who believed society is a dynamic entity constantly undergoing change driven by class conflict.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Gun violence take a heavy toll both in the lives of its victim and in the quality of life of the victim’s relatives and friends, many of the stories of the victim do not capture the headlines of the newspaper, but each violent statistic is a headline story to the loved ones of the victims. Jan 06,  · Gun control supporters belong to two other groups: “egalitarians,” who prefer a flexible, fair society not set in a rigid hierarchical status quo, and thus support government intervention in. Michael L. Pittaro - School Violence and Social Control Theory city neighborhood rife with interpersonal violence (Schmalleger ). Most of the inner city violence stems from murderous street gangs, illicit drug use and abuse, and other vices.

Whereas functionalism understands society as a complex system striving for equilibrium, the conflict perspective views social life as competition. feminist theory, most would hold that feminism “demands that existing economic, political, and social structures be changed” (Weir and Faulkner ,

The origins of the conflict perspective can be traced to the classic works of Karl Marx.

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Jun 03,  · Karl Marx on Gun Control This quote is from the Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in This came at a time when major anti-capitalist revolt had just taken place, but also when Marx saw the worker’s movement being co-opted by “petty-bourgeois democrats.”.

Prevention strategies at this level may include parenting or family-focused prevention programs, and mentoring and peer programs designed to reduce conflict, foster problem solving skills, and promote healthy relationships.

Jan 06,  · It is a much more profound and ancient conflict over how society should work, and who decides.

Recommended video Gun Control One of the longest debates in American history is "do civilians have the right to own firearms"?

On Gun Policy, Both Sides Have Something to . For social control theory, the underlying view of human nature includes the conception of free will, thereby giving offenders the capacity of choice, and responsibility for their behavior. As such, social control theory is aligned more with the classical school of .

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