Feasibility study of jollibee

Red Ribbon Franchise Philippines Posted on by JIp Who would have thought that a mere hobby of baking cakes would bring birth to a very successful and well recognized Business known as Red Ribbon Bakeshop. This proudly Filipino-owned and professionally-run business network had become such a huge hit that it managed to open up more than outlets all over the country and over 38 stores in the California, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Jersery, New York, which are the primary places in the United States. Its first store opened in Timog, Quezon City, Philippines inand with great results that it harbored the owners finally made the decision to make it available for Franchise.

Feasibility study of jollibee

Introduction for Ubay Pizza Study posted Jul 29, Ubay is a first class municipality slowly growing and catching up with the economic demands of the modern society and long to be a city.

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The dwellers have not been totally introduced to the latest conveniences due to distance and economic conditions.

One of the most cherished amongst the children are fast food restaurants where they get to enjoy western food like French fries, burgers, spaghetti and the like. It is sad to hear that people hear long to have big fast food chains build up here like McDonalds and Jollibee.

Feasibility study of jollibee

In line with this, a thought of a business that is doable and capable of sustenance here in Ubay is a pizza restaurant which will cater not only pizza but other side dishes. It will be made affordable to Ubayanons since the cost of living here is not that high.

It will not be like the fancy and expensive type like Greenwich or such but it will be suitable here in Ubay.

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Pizza has long been loved by people who have a busy lifestyle. It is easy to order, share and take out especially for office parties or meetings or an emergency family meal or simply just hanging out with friends. This has been the culture in most offices and homes in major cities as well.

Significance of the Project Jose Pizzeria was inspired by simplicity. This business is not that complicated, does not require large start up costs but can create an impact on the local economy.

Since we have an open market segment, we target customers of all walks of life. The company is also planning to hire college students who are willing to sustain their studies while learning in the field of customer service and business outside of the classroom.

This pizza stall will be unique and its foundations lay in Ubay, something that Ubayanons can be proud of. The Vision, Mission and Goal The goal of every company thus adapted is to have a high return on investment and the company sustainable even through competition.

The mission of the company is to provide affordable pizza to Ubayanons and help strengthen bonds while consuming the product.

The vision is to be the first and only pizza restaurant chain that emerged in Ubay and flourished in Bohol. The planned target market is open, therefore everybody is our potential customer. Moreover, even the geographical size of Ubay is quite impossible to cater and we cannot reach it entirely even with our product affordability, the nearest barangays from Poblacion are Fatima, Son-oc, Katarungan, Bood, Casate and Tapon have a population that will be sufficient to reach daily target sales.

Insert Pie Chart of the survey Sales Strategy and Promotion The proposed advertising scheme will be leaflets to be distributed in the dry market building and in the Sto. The strategy is simple yet effective.

Moreover, we will train personnel how to sell effectively and efficiently delivering fast and reliable service to the customers. They will also be trained in customer service which is definitely not yet experienced here in Ubay.

The company maybe small and starting however, the personnel that they will hire will provide an all in one package to the business in terms of sales and promotion. They are an established company and the one located in Talibon is a franchise.

However, there is no apparent competitor if the location is reduced to Ubay. The travel from Ubay to Talibon ranges from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the mode of transportation.

It is inconvenient for Ubayanons to travel the distance just to purchase pizza. However, for the entire food industry it will be reduced. Customer Analysis insert results of survey regarding their enthusiasm about a pizza resto in Ubay Competitive Analysis The strength of the company in the area is simplicity of its product, the low cost maintenance, the low capital requirements and the diversity of the market.

Moreover, it is the first of its kind in Northeastern Bohol. It will only be a stall near the local market. Competitors may take a long time to penetrate in Ubay as previously mentioned because of its slow but consistent growth economically.

Industry The food industry in the Poblacion area is rampant. As observed, it has been queuing in their store and so far, they have been consistent in keeping record customers every day. With the pastry and bread industry, there are a lot of bakeshops.The research methodology used in conducting this thesis-feasibility study is the descriptive research method.

This research method gives a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the service being studied. The initial feasibility study worth $ million will look into whether a hyperloop system would work initially in the capital Jakarta, and then connecting cities in Java and Sumatra.

A hyperloop would work by propelling pods through a large tube at speeds of over 1, km per hour using magnets. Jan 15,  · Zamboanga City to cater 16 Jollibee stores in all Mindanao’s First Expressway to Undergo Feasibility Study The project cost is yet to be determined China: $6 billion for Davao projects $6 billion is allotted by the Chinese for the Philippines.

#NorthMin. Juatco entitled “„KALYE OCHO‟ A Feasibility Study on Street Food Kiosk” submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for Degree in Bachelor in Business Administration is hereby endorsed for oral defense.5/5().

Chowking entered Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and maintained two key stores to study the feasibility of the market. At this time, the company began to explore other potential locations and key cities as part of its long term expansion plans. Mar 25,  · In its early years, Jollibee didn&#;t even have money to fund a location feasibility study so the strategy was to surround one McDonald&#;s store with two or three smaller Jollibee .

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