Essay on can computers replace books

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Essay on can computers replace books

I have made some corrections in the first paragraph. It is clear that nowadays the Internet now nowadays is very informal. In a formal essay, just use "now" has a special role in finding out the articlesbooks and other information by materials of not only local writers but also foreign authors which previously would have been are unreachable for us.

So, by using the Internet, we can freely download them or order them to be sent to our computers in a few minutes and read them directly on a from the screen. In spite of missing words the Internet is full of information sources and we can read whatever we want from monitorsfrom my point of viewit can not ever never replace the books or other written materials because of the following some To begin with, reading from computer screen is not the as to read books.

Nov 07 So, by using Internet we can free download or order them to our computers in a few minutes and read from the screen. In spite of Internet is full of information source and we can read whatever we want from monitorfrom my point of viewit cannot ever replace the book or other written materials because of some reasons.

Begin with, reading from computer screen is not the as to read books. Because during reading a book, for instance dramatic books, events taking place in the plot absorb you to itself so that you yourself as among the process and began imagine cadres of it in own brain.

However, these feelings cannot be heard from someone who has read the books from monitor. So, it is one of the essential factors of books which computers never can replace, that they made readers put themselves into place of characters by mentally.

Secondly, sitting for hours in front of the computers and reading something from screen is very harmful for healthy. Undoubtedly, that sedentary life and radiation of device will cause some diseases on human body in future, especially on eyesight. Likewise, watching to monitor for extended periods of time can make eye illnesses such as blurring, eye stain or etc.

Lastly, the other reason is that information which placed in information base is not always reliable. So, it can be changed by users, especially by hackers. In other word, nobody is responsible for fallacious information in the Internet.

However, author of books always answer for he has written.

Essay on can computers replace books

In summary, it can be said that reasons which mentioned above make books or other written materials irreplaceable. In addition, from my point of view, a pleasure of reading from books, especially in original, cannot be replaced by reading from computers.

Essay on can computers replace books

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If you have any iimportant data on the computer containing Microsoft Vista, make sure you have a back up copy of it. Essay on Computers Can Replace Books Computers are now seen in each and every house.

Compare books with computers ; computers are a high-technology which one can access to internet to find information and so on, while books are something written by an author to .

Computers shouldn’t replace textbooks because using computers decreases concentration, increases school spending, and creates physical health problems.

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Then halfway through a book-for-hire I got in deadline trouble and for the sake of time had to start drafting on computer.

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