Disadvantages of modern banking

What are the advantages and disadvantages of division of labor? By division of labor we mean an arrangement where by people perform different functions at the same time.

Disadvantages of modern banking

Traditional banking and e-banking are two way for getting the benefits from bank. Both have benefits and disadvantages. Customer can use both or any of these facilities. Here we are showing the differences between traditional banking and e-banking 1.

Basic Introduction a Traditional Banking In traditional banking system, a customer can open any bank account in banks, take the facility of saving his money by depositing money in local bank. He can withdraw his money through check, counter payment and through bank draft.

He can meet the bank manager and ask his problem. He can take the physical help for getting loan from bank. In this method, customer gets his bank account ID and password and he can check his account, pay his bill and print his receipt through his home personal computer which is connected with Internet.

E-banking is development of today banking system. In other words, e-banking is electronic banking whose facility, you can take through your regular broadband Internet connect. Few days ago, I went to State bank of India for withdrawing my money where I saw many monitoring cameras.

My one friend is also doing duty in that bank. I asked question from my friend why have these cameras been attached here? My friend explained me that it is more than Rs. We do not want to take risk of customer's money. Customer's loss is our loss. We deduct fraud case by monitoring the activities through this surveillance cameras.

I feel happy because now traditional banking has improved and there is minimum change of fraud. I am already changing everything from traditional to online.

Disadvantages of modern banking

I am tracking my courier letter by opening the site of courier and writing the track no. Suppose, you have to withdraw Rs. What will you do? By using vehicle, you are increasing the pollution in the environment. Today is 5th Junethe day of world environment. We can protect our environment by using e-banking.

You can also use e-bill facility of your Internet bill. Disadvantages a Traditional Banking i Robbery Open any day newspaper, you will see the new bank robbery case.

This is the disadvantages. Two and more thieves came and taken bank's money is general news. No one can do same thing in e-banking. But, it may possible that we have to pay at Online big hackers are using computer virus and after spreading it, they compromise your computer. After this, they know all detail of your computer and banking password and illegally transfer all your money.

Next day, your bank account may be zero. Even you can stop this crime by writing strong password but you can not remove it totally.Telesales, also known as telemarketing, is a common method used by direct-sales companies and entrepreneurs to approach prospects.

Modern Banking: Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Banking

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Disadvantages of modern banking

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