Comparison of ethiopia and mali essay

Ethiopia has an unemployment rate of

Comparison of ethiopia and mali essay

Ethiopia consists mainly of Desert and Mountains. Due to these landform types the percentage of farm land is approximately 5. Ethiopia has an area of 1 sq. Ethiopia does not receive any problems such as volcanism, tidal waves, etc. Elevations can be seen on figure 1, and the physical features of Ethiopia on figure 2.

The Climate in Ethiopia is of three different climatic zones. These being the cool or dega zone, consisting of the central parts of the western and eastern sections of the high plateaus and the area around Harar, with terrains roughly above 7 ft.

The second zone is the temperate, or weina dega zone, comprising portions of the high plateau between 4 and 7 ft. The final area being the hot or kolla zone, encompassing an area with an altitude less than 5 ft.

The cool zones temperatures and precipitation can be seen on figure 3. The temperate zones temperatures range from The temperature in the hot zone of the lowlands can reach temperatures as high as 60C.

There are two distinct seasons in Ethiopia the rainy season, or kremt, lasting from mid-June to mid-semptember.

In April and May there is slight transition period. The greatest amount of precipitation is found in the southwest areas, near gore. The littlest amount of precipitation is found in the Great Rift Valley receiving less than 4 inches per year. The prevailing winds that strike Ethiopia are the Southwesterly monsoon in the rainy season and the northeasterly wind from the Arabian Desert in the dry season.

These extreme weather changes create horrible growing seasons, making yields quite unsuccessful. The percentage of forest land is minimal in Ethiopia, most of the area is grazed dry farmland, and some generally arable land. Near areas where beef cattle are being raised tsete flies can be found in great numbers.

They spread a sleeping disease, that in turn wear down farmers, and create less productivity, and more disease than needed.

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Another insect that causes severe problems are locusts. They are considered the plague of Ethiopia, eating, therefore ruining crops. Due to lack of money Ethiopia does not have sufficient preservation facilities, and much of there food rots and goes to waste.

Comparison of ethiopia and mali essay

Rodents also get into crops and eat whatever is at hand. Humus and other nutrients are washed out of the soils and into the rivers. Much land is lost from erosion and desertification, from constant over grazing and loss of trees.

Small amounts of cattle and ox.

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Ethiopia is quite unique for the number of races throughout the country. These races are shown on figure 4.ABOUT PEW RESEARCH CENTER. Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.

The transition is the one obvious distinction between the two methods. In the block method, there is a stark contrast between the first half of the essay and the second half of the essay. Ethiopia and Haiti compared side by side. Various facts, figures, measures and indicators are listed allowing similarities and differences to quickly be examined.

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Comparison of ethiopia and mali essay

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