Communication strategy plan

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Communication strategy plan

Determine Method for Engaging Stakeholders and Partners There are several ways to engage stakeholders and partners in developing a communication strategy. This step is important not only to have valuable, wider input, but also to ensure that stakeholders and partners feel consulted and have ownership of the strategy.

One of the most common methods is to hold a participatory stakeholder workshop where program staff and stakeholders jointly develop each piece of the strategy. See the stakeholder workshop guide for detailed guidance on how to carry out a workshop.

Other methods include conducting stakeholder interviews, establishing core working groups that consult with stakeholders after key pieces are developed, or engaging stakeholders to review and approve the strategy post-development.

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See the Resources section for guidance on other engagement methods. Whatever method the team chooses, the following steps outline the content that should be developed for the strategy. Write a Brief Summary of Analyses For a communication strategy to be effective, the team needs to have a firm understanding of all of the factors that may have an impact on communication efforts.

Review the situationaudience and program analyses the team conducted and write a brief summary of their findings. Nature and extent of Communication strategy plan problem extent and severity, desired behaviors Potential audiences characteristics, barriers and facilitators to change Available resources financial, human capital, Communication environment availability and use of communication channels, what other organizations are doing Areas for programmatic improvement if program already exists or focus if program is just beginning This summary will form the foundation of the strategy and guide all communication efforts.

Give copies of the summary to all of the stakeholders involved in the strategy development. It is helpful to do this before holding a workshop so that everybody has a similar understanding of the context.

Select a Theory SBCC programs are more effective when they are based on social and behavioral science theories. A program theory provides a map for looking at the problem, designing interventions and evaluating program success.

Based on results from the analyses, select a theory that will guide the strategy development. There are many theories used in social and behavior change. Review the theories included in the Resources section to gain an in-depth understanding of the common theories.

Then, consider the type of change the program is promoting. Narrow the list of possible theories by the type of change the program will promote.

Communication strategy plan

The figure below shows where four commonly used behavior and social change theories fall on the individual to structural continuum. Continue narrowing the list by considering audience and contextual factors, such as: Factor Is the change a single or repeated event? Getting a vasectomy is a one-time event, while exercising regularly is a repeated event Are there special circumstances like emergencies?

Epidemics like avian influenza or disasters like an earthquake How does the audience view the change? The audience agrees that reducing the number of sexual partners is desirable; the audience believes that sleeping under bed nets is a hassle How easy is the change?

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Trying a condom once may be easy while using a condom every time one has sexual intercourse is difficult Does the change require support or social approval?

Do not be afraid to combine theories to predict how the intended audience will change through exposure to the SBCC program.

Select Audiences While the situation and audience analyses identified potential audiences for the program, it is during the development of the communication strategy that final decisions are made as to the priority and influencing audiences.

Review the situation and audience analyses, paying particular attention to the audience characteristics and barriers to change described in the summary Step 2.

Communication strategy plan

Next, segment those potential audiences into groups with similar needs, preferences and characteristics. See the audience segmentation guide for more detailed instruction on segmenting the potential audiences. From these segments, determine the priority audience. To select the priority audienceit can be helpful to ask the questions in the table below.The longer your plan is, the more overwhelming it will seem to your business partners and comms colleagues.

Creating a short yet comprehensive plan (1 – 2 pages) dramatically increases the likelihood that the strategic communication plan will be aligned to priorities and actually used regularly.

Communication Plan Template 2 SITUATION ANALYSIS Provide background on the situation and events driv ing the need to communicate.

• • • COMMUNICATION . Communication affects performance. Therefore, if you want high-performance teams working on a project, you need effective communications entrenched to make sure you get these kinds of results.

A communication strategy is the critical piece bridging the situation analysis and the implementation of a social and behavior change communication (SBCC) program. It is a written plan that details how an SBCC program will reach its vision, given the current situation. What does an internal communication strategy look like?

Do you need one? How should you write one? How long should it be?

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What is an internal communication strategy?. All of these phrases are used daily on my blog as people search through my content to help them create theirs. 2 Responses to “The Strategic Communication Plan: An overview” joseph renson mkonyi April 6th, excellent strategic communication plan workshop, plse invite us sometime to attend the workshop to expand our knowledge.

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