Arnold palmer hospital capacity planning case study

Unfortunately, not enough money was raised. One of the things they said is that special services for women, as well as children, should be included to make the hospital more successful.

Arnold palmer hospital capacity planning case study

Within the hospital, for example, drugs are now distributed at nursing workstations via dispensing machines almost like vending machines that electronically track patient usage and post the related charge to each patient.

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The dispensing stations are refilled each night, based on patient demand and prescriptions written by doctors. To ensure coordinated daily delivery of inventory purchased from McKesson, an account executive and two service personnel have been assigned full-time to the hospital.

JIT success has also been achieved in the area of custom surgical packs. Custom surgical packs are the sterile coverings, disposable plastic trays, gauze, and the like, specialized to each type of surgical procedure.

Arnold Palmer Hospital uses 10 different custom packs for various surgical procedures. The packs are not only delivered in a JIT manner but packed that way as well.

That is, they are packed in the reverse order they are used so each item comes out of the pack in the sequence it is needed.

The packs are bulky, expensive, and must remain sterile. Reducing the inventory and handling, while maintaining an assured sterile supply for scheduled surgeries, presents a challenge to hospitals.

Here is how the supply chain works: Custom packs are assembled by a packing company with components supplied primarily from manufacturers selected by the hospital, and delivered by McKesson from its local warehouse. Arnold Palmer Hospital works with its own surgical staff to identify and standardize the custom packs to reduce the number of custom pack SKUs.

With this integrated system, pack safety stock inventory has been cut to one day. The procedure to drive the custom surgical pack JIT system begins with a "pull" from the doctor's daily surgical schedule.

Arnold palmer hospital capacity planning case study

Hospital personnel arrive at 7: Arnold Palmer Hospital's JIT system reduces inventory investment, expensive traditional ordering, and bulky storage, and supports quality with a sterile delivery.

Please turn in a paper of three pages with a minimum of three references discussing the following questions: What do you recommend be done when an error is found in a pack as it is opened for an operation?

How might the procedure for custom surgical packs described here be improved? When a doctor proposes a new surgical procedure, how do you recommend the SKU for a new custom pack be entered into the hospital's supply-chain system?Professional Name.

Example: John J. Smith, Jr., M.D. Employer. Member Hospital. Video case study: CAPACITY PLANNING AT ARNOLD PALMER HOSPITAL. Operation management is mostly required in the organizations for it . On page of your Heizer and Render text, review Case Study of Capacity Planning at Arnold Palmer Hospital and prepare a comprehensive case summary.

Oct 27,  · case study- Process Analysis.

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Capítulo 9 Layout at Arnold Palmer Hospital´s New Facility - Duration: Capacity Planning and Capacity Management Tips - Duration. Mike is one of Northern Virginia’s most recognizable land use attorneys. He is an expert in zoning, land use, commercial real estate, and business law.

ORH added to its Orlando facilities with construction of the Winnie Palmer Hospital in , but the building's energy-efficient reflective glass prevented cellular signals from penetrating.

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