An analysis of a film scene in ben hur

The film music analysis below will examine thematic transformation in three prominent leitmotifs from the film:

Sciabarra received a number of emails from Objectivists, who are atheists, asking him to explain his choice of "Ben-Hur"--a film with a religious theme--as his favorite movie of all time. Though I had prefaced my list with a warning against the disease of PC "Philosophical Correctness" within Objectivism, I was not surprised by the charred epistles I received.

One reader, however, was especially disturbed by the choice of "Ben-Hur" as my favorite film of all time. In a post to the movies wetheliving. Christ shows up, cures everyone of leprosy and saves the day.

Certainly this deserves some kind of demerit from a rational not to say artistic perspective. It was the tenth anniversary re-release of the all-time Oscar champ, and the movie was being shown in all its magnificent millimeter glory.

Walking into the Palace, seeing the famous portrait of Judy Garland, who had just passed away, and then taking in some three and a half hours of ancient Roman spectacle, was an overwhelming experience. I loved the story and was as deeply moved by its characters and themes as any nine-year-old could be.

Today, after having seen the film umpteen times, I have learned to appreciate it on many different levels.

An analysis of a film scene in ben hur

The film, among the greatest selected by the American Film Institutewon an unprecedented eleven Academy Awards tied in by "Titanic" [and in by "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"]and has been celebrated by directors from Martin Scorsese to James Cameron for its immense artistic impact.

In my view, there is not a single Oscar award that it did not deserve. The cinematography, film editing, art direction, set decoration, sound, and special effects are superb.

Its score, written by the great Miklos Rozsais among the finest achievements in symphonic soundtrack music ever recorded; in fact, the themes stand on their own as orchestral compositions in their eloquent expression of passion, struggle, and redemption.

My momma always said, "Life is like a page of tropes. You never know what you're gonna get."

The only Oscar the movie failed to grab was the one for "Best Screenplay," an omission that can probably be chalked up to Hollywood politics. The controversy apparently led most Academy members to vote for "Room at the Top" instead of "Ben-Hur. What matters is the film. Is it a work of art worthy of our attention?

Such a question has much to do with the plot and the theme, which is why some Objectivists might be disturbed by my selection of a film explicitly subtitled "A Tale of the Christ.

An analysis of a film scene in ben hur

Rand lists four dimensions of appreciation: Translated into a well-known play, and into three cinematic versions the one-reeler version, the sprawling MGM version with Ramon Novarro and Francis X. Bushman, and the MGM epicthe book, says C.

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Bennet, is "one of the most successful works of fiction ever written in any language. No brief summary of the story can do it justice, for there are many interconnected characters and subplots.

Here, I present the essentials.Aug 20,  · The scene where the inciting incident spirals the plot of the whole film. Ben-Hur is a American epic historical drama film, directed by William Wyler, p. To make the scene bloodier, Dunning sought out Italian extras who had missing limbs, This made the Ben-Hur film musical score the first to be released not only in its entirety but also as a separate album.

The Ben-Hur score has been considered the best of Rózsa's career. The musical.

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Ben-Hur The Film Score (Part One) The following track-by-track analysis provides a general overview of Ben-Hur’s story and detailed analyses and additional information can be found in other sources—particularly Ralph Erkelenz’s exhaustive study, “Ben-Hur—A Tale of the Score,” published in Pro Musica Sana and available (in .

Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is a wealthy merchant living in Judea at the time of Christ. Under the influence of the oppressive Roman Empire, the land seethes with talk of revolt, and Caesar has sent more soldiers to quell the potential uprising. Aug 19,  · This is a “Ben-Hur” of and for its time, but also a little better than its time, it turns out.

Talk about beginning on a high note—the chariot race of the William Wyler-directed film, is that movie’s climax. But fear not, the scene is just a preview, and we flashback, after a few expositional points in narration from Morgan 3/5.

Development. Lew Wallace's novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, ran to about attheheels.comist hired a number of screenwriters to cut the story down and turn the novel into a script.

According to Gore Vidal, more than 12 versions of the script had been written by various writers by the spring of Vidal himself had been asked to write a version of the script in , refused, and.

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